MISSION 1.0: The Pie Company

The first mission at the Grand Traverse Pie Company was a success!

Well, mostly.

It was pretty snowy today, so I had to give the little guy the proper gear to withstand the cold.

I was zipping him up when I accidentally bumped the panic button on my car.  So much for being stealthy.  Regardless!  Nobody seemed to notice.

I picked a large van thinking that maybe it came from a large household.  Nevertheless, I hope when the driver comes back, they enjoy the gift!

EDIT–MISSION 1.1: Well, I was driving by the Pie Company later today and noticed my ninja in the parking lot sludge. I think a samurai got to him! I put him on another truck. When I came back from my errand and passed the company again, ANOTHER samurai seemed to have gotten to him. Guess he needed to be more stealthy! Yikes! I figured he would be safe under the outside pavilion of the restaurant.  He’s resting there now. Hopefully, somebody will eventually find him.

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Hello world!

Hullo from East Lansing!

Today the East Lansing Ninjas will execute their first mission!  This little guy is our first soldier in our (hopefully) good cause!  Let’s hope everything goes smoothly for him.

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